Elford Photography

Our mission at Elford Photography is about capturing someone’s story, a special moment in a person’s life, the adventurous moments and all of lives’ amazing experiences through a lens with creativity, originality, truth and imagination.

Courtney Elford

Courtney enjoys capturing a moment, an experience and adventure through a lens. When she is not behind the viewfinder of her camera, she stays enjoys long distance running, cycling, nordic skiing, nature, the outdoors | the wilderness, art, music, travel, cooking, hiking and so much more. Courtney loves spending time with her husband, a brilliant engineer, who is from Australia, family, friends and her beloved dog, Daizy. 

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Favorite Local Artists

Alison Young – Vocal Artist, Musician and Thru Hiker Extraordinaire – https://blissfulhiker.com

Sophia Kosel – Artist, Painter, Potter, Molder of beauty – https://www.etsy.com/people/sophiakosel

Favorite places to take photos

  • Outside – Nature or Wildlife
  • Near or around Lake Superior
  • State Parks
  • National Parks
  • Animals
  • Gardens, green spaces and parks 
  • Formal Events
  • Weddings

Favorite subjects to capture through a lens

  • Daizy
  • Eagles
  • Birds
  • Flowers 
  • Animals
  • Waterfalls
  • Trails
  • Formal occasions, i.e. events, weddings, etc. 
  • National, state and local parks 
  • The night sky
  • Water
  • The wilderness and nature
  • People living their best lives in some fashion or another
  • Adventures and so much more…