“If you are to dream, you dare to live.”

“If you dare to dare to dream, you dare to live.” What does this quote mean? When I was in college in Bemidji, MN many moons ago I dreamed of discovering the land or the world beyond my shore. My first travel aboard, was a visit to Canada, which is almost more like a friendly neighbor to the north. Beyond visiting our friendly neighbor to the north, the first country that gave me a stamp in my password was Japan. I flew through Japan on my way to adventure to mainland China.

In the summer of 1997 and 1999, I spent the summer traveling through mainland China. This experience changed my perspective on the world and it opened my eyes. I remember being able to run through the Gobi Desert when I was in Mongolia and then in early July of 1997, I was in Shanghai when Hong Kong went back from British rule to Beijing, which is the capital of mainland China. I also remember being in the last emperor of China’s prison cell in northern China. During that time in history, the region was called Manchuria and it was occupied during WWII by Japan.

The notion of being able to dream and to be able to chase the path of tremendous adventure by living our dreams on whatever path it makes take us in life, has a way of captivating my spirit.

A good friend, the blissful hiker, who has an infectious spirit and adventurous soul, lives her dreams courageously. Listening to some of her many stories that are off the beaten track, inspires my heart of wanting to discover where are these unique and special places. The trails of her adventures have taken her around the world. In 2018, she hiked the whole distance of New Zealand on the Te Araroa and then in 2019 she trekked the Pacific Crest Trail from Washington through Oregon and finishing up in California.

The blissful hiker is also known as Alison Young, I can her the all amazing Al! She is truly one of most amazing and remarkable people I have the pleasure to call my friend. Her pod-casts, called the Pee Rag, chronicles her adventures upon the Te Araroa. You will find her podcasts captivating, humorous and inspiring. All in all, full of adventure. Al has a tremendous wit and is brilliant walker or hiker of the world. In the Pee Rag podcasts, she brings you along on the many trails that she has trekked, the sounds and harmony of the beauty that makes the Te Araroa so amazing and special.

The Pee Rag series has inspired me to grab my camera, trail shoes and backpack so I can capture the beauty and harmony of the trails that I love so much and to be able to discover new ones as well.

The Pee Rag podcast series will inspire adventure and awaken your own curious spirit to grab a pair of hiking boots or trail shoes, with a backpack in toe and trekking poles, so you can plan your next adventure or find beauty on your own trails, where ever they make take you.

Happy Trails, ‘til we meet again.

Please checkout blissful hiker @ https://www.blissfulhiker.com/ – and the Pee Rag podcasts @ https://www.blissfulhiker.com/the-pee-rag-podcast/

Waterfall near PCT Trail, Oregon 2019. By Elford Photography

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