Nikon Mirrorless vs older DSLR

In 2021, I have made the leap or migration over to the mirrorless platform. I just picked up my new Nikon Z50 today from the local camera store. I decided to compare my 7 year Nikon D7100 to Z50 using the same the lens. For the Z50, I utilized the FTZ adapter this enabled my older dslr lenses to work on the new platform. I decided to shoot with a couple of Tamron lenses I have a 10-24 and a 18-270. My model for the photography test is my little girl, Miss Daizy enjoying a nap on her beloved couch. My apologies in advance the lighting was not or is not the best. 

Keep in mind by looking at these pictures that I utilized the same lenses on both cameras. I wanted to see the different of the DSLR technology versus the mirrorless platform. The only editing I did to photos was to crop them into a portrait style. I knew the reputation of mirrorless cameras was good. I think this unconventional test using both cameras, having Daizy as my model, incorporating her beloved couch with crummy lighting has shown the quality of mirrorless to be initially fantastic. I do not have plans to give up my DSLR camera anytime soon. Mirrorless is just the next progression of technology , which is similar to when we went from film to the digital platform. All venus in photography are wonderful and allows for greater creativity regardless if you are in a black room or working in photoshop. Always evolving and getting better like we all do as artists.

If you are wondering the pictures from the mirrorless camera are on the left and photos from the DSLR are on the right if you are using a laptop. On a mobile platform, in both sets of pictures of Daizy,  the top one will be the mirrorless camera and bottom photo is from a DSLR camera.

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