Why I enjoy photography?

Photography gives me the opportunity, to be able to capture a moment, an experience and adventure through a lens. Like a moment or memory floating in time isolated on the frame of my camera.

Photography is an artistic and creative endeavor that allows the beauty of a subject, scene, event, experience or topic to be admired up close or from a far.

Photography has the ability to cross barriers and be simply understood for the subject or scene that is in the photography.

Sometimes we can be so busy living our lives that we forget to see or witness the world around us, be it watching a bird or a butterfly fly right passed us, crossing across a majestic waterfall or viewing a sunrise that can warm your heart.

Why photography?

My response would be why not.

Growing up I felt like at times I was sometimes in visible or miss understood. I have dyslexia and I have battled with anxiety for a number of years. Photography gives me an outlet of being able to observe the beauty that Lord has created in a way that no judgement is needed. All you need to do, is step outside into nature, be it a park, the wilderness, or parts in between, take a minute to understand the sweet harmony and observe the humble splendor of the great outdoors.

As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I think we as humans can sometimes forget there is beauty, you can see in almost any place you can look in the world.

As I have learned and evolved my creative skills behind the lens of the camera, my hope is the moments I am able to capture are able to speak for themselves.

One aspiration for my photography would be for it, to embody the authenticity and truth of a photographer’s eye. The eye of the photographer essentially means, having a skill of being able to see things in a unique or artistic way.

I like to think my creativity is organic and will continue to evolve as I learn more about composition, Adobe programs, the essentials of photography, the capability of my camera and myself as a photographer.

I also hope my artistic ability is able to be understood across all barriers too, be it linguistic, cultural and geographic. I believe being authentic and true to one’s craft or artistic endeavor can yield tremendous value in the subjects their capture. Simply put if I take a picture of an eagle, I would hope people across the world are able to see it is a photograph of an eagle and are able to appreciate the animal’s brilliance to some degree.

Just point and shoot, you may be surprised what you are able to capture with the lens of a camera or your smart phone.

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